Are you craving authentic BBQ?

Our individual option comes with a choice of 1 protein and 2 sides per order for a flat rate of $25 per person. All orders are priced per person and packaged in ‘to go’ containers for pick up or on eco boards for delivery.

Delivery options are available at check out.

Feeding a crowd? Try our ‘a little bit of everything’ option below. Total cost will be $125 and will feed 4-6ppl.

Please send pre order inquiries and/or questions to

Choose 1 protein

Choose a total of 2 sides

Enjoy all of the proteins and sides + an Apple Pie.
Enough for 4-6ppl.
*Total will appear as $125 automatically at check out

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For additional proteins, salads and sides, leave requests and/or dietary restrictions here.


We are an easy stop from the First Street exit off of Hwy.29.
Pick up picnic items on the way to a winery, easy sides for dinner at home and great Napa Valley made gifts.