Gentle Guidance


Gentle Guidance is an offering to sit down and pause, truly listen, and guide you through whatever you may be navigating. We all have gifts and mine is nourishing people not only through food but through time and seeing souls as they are and providing insight into the energetics of what might be taking your focus. Each session includes a Human Design reading. “Human design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to experience, and what karma you came to correct” – Jenna Zoe. *Please note that the fee for gentle guidance is not for a particular time frame, it is a flat rate for however long our session runs. Standard sessions are 1 hour. Once orders have been processed, Natalie will email to schedule a session. 

A few Human Design Testimonials…
Natalie is the most calm, clear, patient voice in a chaotic world. She has a gift to be able to succinctly explain who we are and are meant to be with eloquence, kindness, and love. She clearly puts a lot into preparing for the time spent to be fulfilling and reminds us what it means to be present. Her reading should be treasured. 
-Laura W. Pittsfield, MA Projector
“My session with Natalie has given me the ability to take the pressure off myself. Natalie is professional, full of so much wisdom and a fresh perspective. She helped me realize I am enough just as I am and to fully accept and be in alignment with my true self”
– Yael M. Jerusalem, Israel Projector
“One of the things I appreciate most about Natalie is her ability to be a clear mirror in the gentlest and knowingest of ways. She has become my ‘go to’ for when either something comes up or when I’m thinking about the same thing for a while and I’m not sure the significance of it, how to put it into context, or how to work with it. All of a sudden, in the span of a conversation, she uncovers what you didn’t know you knew. Regardless of your level of connectedness to spirituality or energy, her insights are bang on. In short, she’s a wise young woman, beholder of many gifts. Get ready to be truly seen and heard”
 -Emily B.Portland, ME Manifesting Generator
“Natalie really helped me understand Human Design in a way I’ve never heard it explained before. Her approach was informative and also super approachable. Her passion is so apparent the entire time and her ability to see you through your chart is like a little bit of magic. I needed to book a 3 hour session to feel like I really dove deep enough. I can’t wait to revisit it again!”
– Casey M. Honolulu, HI Generator
“I had never taken the time to sit and truly acknowledge who I am and where I stand in this world. My Human Design reading has made that possible, and allowed me to enter a world I never knew before. I look forward to utilizing my strengths for the greater good in my future and embrace the energy I hold as a Reflector”
– Rubi G. Napa, CA Reflector


We are an easy stop from the First Street exit off of Hwy.29.
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