Elemental Alchemy, November 10th Sold Out


We will be welcoming Sachi Doctor (This is her actual last name!) founder of Elemental Alchemy to Nappalachia® on Sunday, November 10th from 11AM-1PM.

Over snacks, she’ll give an introduction to circadian rhythm—your body’s internal clock—as well as how to align everyday activities like meals, exercise, work output and down time to flow with, rather than against this cycle. We’ll also learn how to make a healing comfort food called kitchari that Ayurveda, an ancient form of medicine from India, has been using for over 5,000 years to support digestive rhythms and GI health—just what we need with the holidays near!

Whether you’re curious about Ayurveda, or have never heard of it but are interested in a holistic approach to health, join us for a relaxing, information-rich afternoon. From digestive issues and difficulty sleeping to energy management and choosing what eat to feel your best, come with questions and leave with simple tools in improve your health from the inside out.

Ticket price includes cooking demonstration with beverages, gluten free snacks and take home gift with recipe.


Space is limited so sign up soon!

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1.) Choose Pickup (versus delivery)

2.) Next select the pick up location (which is our shop- 748 California Blvd.)

3. Select 11AM and fill out the rest


We are an easy stop from the First Street exit off of Hwy.29.
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