Napa Cookie Connection Cookies

La Saison/Nappalachia founders, Natalie and Jonathan Niksa fell in love in New York City. While roaming the streets of the upper West side, they stumbled upon a little bakery and discovered the best cookie on planet Earth. Our Brown Butter Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookie pays homage to our favorite NYC bakery. Since then we’ve created two other cookies that we love just as much.

Each of our raw cookie balls weighs in at just under 1/2 pound of pure cookie perfection prior to baking.

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    Customize your selection any way you like: select 13 cookies for every Baker's Dozen quantity ordered, or 6 cookies for Half Dozen! ie: if you select Baker's Dozen, you might select 4 of two of the flavors and 5 of the third flavor.
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We are an easy stop from the First Street exit off of Hwy.29.
Pick up picnic items on the way to a winery, easy sides for dinner at home and great Napa Valley made gifts.